Procedural Narratives from Emergent Behavior

For my master thesis, I combined Agent-Based Modelling and Simulation (ABMS) and multiple interconnected systems (cognitive, memory, social, perceptual and personality models) in order to simulate the human-like behavior and observe the arisen narratives and plots.

The goal was to use the minimum possible set of behaviors in a complex integrated system in order that from the local interaction between agents, the collective behavior of the simulation gets influenced, arising to narratives which would be lived by agents and mature during the simulation.

It resulted in an interesting project, which proved that the use of multiple complex systems recreates an approximation of human-like behavior and can generate more structured narratives, which the users can feel identified.


Overview of the created system and how it inter-communicates. (a) represents the simulated environment where agents interact with each other and is composed of different entities. (b) The perception module, receive the stimuli from the environment and everything that surrounds the agent and passes the information to (d) the cognitive module, which processes the data in order to take a rational decision. Finally, (c) the social module is requested when an agent is close enough to establish communication, which is not imposed to the agent, rather it is an autonomous decision.


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